Good hYOUman Sample Sale

A few shots from yesterday during the Good hYOUman sample sale in Hollywood. What a lovely day! 

Images shot with the Superheadz wide and slim 35mm | Kodak Portra 400.

Light Leaks | yashica electro

A few random memories from a recent roll of 35mm:

When I first got the film back, I didn't like any of the images and was disappointed thinking all of the moments I shot were lost by mis-focus or light leaks. A few days later, I took a look again and everything seemed different.

This evening, I watched the Ed Templeton Epicly Later'd episode and felt inspired by Ed and his whole life. I've looked up to him for years and respect him as a skateboarder, photographer, artist and human. Every day, he goes to the Huntington Beach pier and he photographs everything that seems strange or beautiful to him. He posts images every day on his instagram and some are significant and others aren't as much. But he shoots every day and every one of those images has something about them that he loves.

So long story sort of short - looking at this roll of film again, I found a whole new love for each shot. They are perfectly imperfect because they are of moments in my life with the people and places I love. 


FACES OF HAUTELOOK | kristen campbell

This girl right here. I think my first memory of Kristen was when we were on set laughing over something that probably wasn't that funny really but the fact that we were both cracking up only made it that much more hilarious. There is nothing quite like having friends who make you laugh just because they are cracking up, too. She's become one of my best friends in LA and like the sister I never had. Like a lot of my coworkers, she's a native Californian, born and raised in Martinez, CA. She moved to LA after high school and went to FIDM for Product Development. Shortly after, she started styling at HauteLook and the rest is history. 

FACES OF HAUTELOOK | sandra morgan

Sandra started at Hautelook just before the holidays. She began as a temp stylist but quite quickly, she became a regular in the studio. I remember our first conversation being over lunch. She told me a story about her adventures in Jamaica growing up and how she still gets to go back and visit family she has there. From the get-go, she's been such a fun, energetic and joyful person to be around. Take a look at some of her work on her blog. She's an incredibly talented stylist and overall rad human being. 

FACES OF HAUTELOOK | sammy siharat

I started teching at Hautelook in August. Right away, I felt like I could get along with the people who worked there. It was different from what I knew - but already, it felt like home. I was pretty fresh into my Los Angeles journey but for some reason, the people there were so welcoming and open to me. We all connected on so many different levels. Music, family, art.... it really didn't matter. These people became my family fast. Sammy was the guy who trained me and right away we knew we'd be friends. We gushed about the current music we were into. It was rad. Sammy was basically the person to warm me up to the rest of the crew and I'll be grateful forever on that one, dude! Much love, my LA homie! 

FACES OF HAUTELOOK | james nelson

James was one of the next people I wanted to include in this photo series. He and I became close fairly quick. Having most of my family back home, it was a blessing to have him here for the holidays. He's from San Francisco and although it's not too far from Los Angeles, he wasn't able to make the trip home either.  

We spent Christmas together hiking and bonded over talk of our families and where we were from. He's become like a brother to me and knows how to give a damn good hug. 

James Nelson - Stylist - San Francisco, CA 

FACES OF HAUTELOOK | a photo series

I began working in the photo studio at HauteLook in August 2013. Since then, I've met a constant amount of unique and kind people. They are photographers, digital techs, stylists, hair and makeup artists, models, art directors and so on. But above all, they are kind people that make work a pleasure every day.

So I decided to start photographing them. Every person was photographed once with the Mamiya C330 & Kodak Portra 400 speed film. Then again with an iPhone through the viewfinder. The groundglass of the Mamiya is cracked, creating something just as interesting as the people in the images.

Before this idea even began to take shape, the first person to agree to be photographed was Woo. He's a stylist from Orange, California. Woo was also one of the first people I met at HauteLook. First off, what I remember of him was his taste in music. Second, his dancing and energy. I believe a person's first day at a job makes all the difference if they decide to stay or not. It's safe to say that Woo made my decision to stay a whole lot easier. 


Michael Woo - Stylist - Orange, CA