FACES OF HAUTELOOK | a photo series

I began working in the photo studio at HauteLook in August 2013. Since then, I've met a constant amount of unique and kind people. They are photographers, digital techs, stylists, hair and makeup artists, models, art directors and so on. But above all, they are kind people that make work a pleasure every day.

So I decided to start photographing them. Every person was photographed once with the Mamiya C330 & Kodak Portra 400 speed film. Then again with an iPhone through the viewfinder. The groundglass of the Mamiya is cracked, creating something just as interesting as the people in the images.

Before this idea even began to take shape, the first person to agree to be photographed was Woo. He's a stylist from Orange, California. Woo was also one of the first people I met at HauteLook. First off, what I remember of him was his taste in music. Second, his dancing and energy. I believe a person's first day at a job makes all the difference if they decide to stay or not. It's safe to say that Woo made my decision to stay a whole lot easier. 


Michael Woo - Stylist - Orange, CA