Light Leaks | yashica electro

A few random memories from a recent roll of 35mm:

When I first got the film back, I didn't like any of the images and was disappointed thinking all of the moments I shot were lost by mis-focus or light leaks. A few days later, I took a look again and everything seemed different.

This evening, I watched the Ed Templeton Epicly Later'd episode and felt inspired by Ed and his whole life. I've looked up to him for years and respect him as a skateboarder, photographer, artist and human. Every day, he goes to the Huntington Beach pier and he photographs everything that seems strange or beautiful to him. He posts images every day on his instagram and some are significant and others aren't as much. But he shoots every day and every one of those images has something about them that he loves.

So long story sort of short - looking at this roll of film again, I found a whole new love for each shot. They are perfectly imperfect because they are of moments in my life with the people and places I love.